Gabriel Trujillo Memorial Fieldwork Scholarship

Headshot of Gabriel Trujillo.

A photo of Gabriel Trujillo, courtesy of the Fine Lab.

Established in 2024, the Gabriel Trujillo Field Work Scholarship at UC Berkeley was created by the Graduate Assembly. In June 2023, Gabriel Trujillo (Nahua and Opata), a doctoral student in Integrative Biology, was tragically murdered while conducting field research in Sonora, Mexico. Gabriel was a beloved member of the University of California, Berkeley graduate student community, and his loss will be deeply mourned by many for years to come. The purpose of this scholarship is to preserve Gabriel’s legacy, honoring Indigenous field work and stewardship.

The Graduate Assembly is offering one annual scholarship of $6,000 to support a graduate student conducting field work in Indigenous survivance, Indigenous land and ecosystem stewardship, and/or botany. The scholarship funds may be used for any of the following expenses:

  • Graduate student field work stipend 
  • Undergraduate student or research assistant stipend
  • Community partner stipend (only up to $3,000 of the $6,000 can be allotted for this)
  • Field work food, supplies, and equipment 
  • Field work travel expenses, including but not limited to flights, lodging, fuel, and vehicle rentals 
  • Field work insurance 

Applicants will be required to either have a field safety plan or draft one if awarded the funds. To apply, complete this application by May 24, 2024. Please email with questions.