Get to know the staff helping to run the Graduate Assembly during the 2023-2024 academic year!

Chiefs of Staff

Lucy Andrews
President Chief of Staff

Internal Vice President Chief of Staff

Alex Ha
Campus Affairs Vice President Chief of Staff

Ava Kargosha
External Affairs Vice President Chief of Staff

Vice President of Finance Chief of Staff

Vice President of Equity & Inclusion Chief of Staff

Office of the President

Eliotte Garling
Communications Director

Annie Taylor
Website Manager and Accessibility Advisor

Office of the Internal Vice President

Angikaar Chana
ASUC Judicial Council Justice

Kenny Ho
ASUC Judicial Council Justice

Woojae Kim
ASUC Judicial Council Justice

Alex Mabanta
Student Union Liaison

Office of the Campus Affairs Vice President

Alexa Zytnick
Fee Review Officer

Christine Qabar
Financial Need & Census Officer

Baoviet Nguyen
Food Security Officer

Kevin Rigby
Housing Security Officer

Jenae Carpenter
Wellness Officer

Office of the External Affairs Vice President

James Chang
Legislative Director

Alex Ha
External Affairs Vice President Liaison

Office of the Vice President of Equity & Inclusion

Dakota Robinson
Thriving Initiative Graduate Liasion

Elena Ojeda
EWOCC Senior Coordinator

Oluwaseun Adegbite
EWOCC Junior Coordinator

Business Office Staff

Bethany Fitelson
Assistant Director for Student Governance Advising

Kenny Ho
Business Office Manager

Minoli Daigavane
Executive Assistant

Priya Khullar
Funding Assistant

Sandra Chan
Project Director Assistant

Sarah Jang
Project Director Assistant

Chelsea Feng
Technology Assistant

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