Digital Accessibility Support

Accessibility Consent Decree

DAP has more information about the DOJ’s consent decree. By and large, the consent decree doesn’t impact graduate students’ online materials (such as a personal website or a graduate student group’s online presence), as students and student organizations are not included in the scope of the decree. However, many of you may help to manage online assets that do fall under the decree, such as research or lab group websites, professor’s websites on the domain, and perhaps even YouTube and podcast channels. Here is the CalMessage we received in September 2023 which provides more detailed information about the consent decree process: Digital Accessibility Next Steps: Mandatory Training and Accessible Websites.

What we need from graduate students

Regardless of whether or not your online materials fall under the decree, it is crucial to ensure that the things you share online (websites, podcasts, and video recordings) are accessible to all. Here are your next steps to make this critical goal a reality:

1. If you manage or maintain any materials that you suspect might fall under the jurisdiction of the consent decree, please: 

2. If you manage or maintain other online materials that are student-created and/or not on the domain, please utilize the Graduate Assembly Website Accessibility Guide (visible to UC Berkeley users) to update your materials. This includes your personal research website or student group (GRSO) websites that are not on the domain. By tackling just one short task every week, the process can be straightforward and approachable. 

We’re excited to work with you on updating your online materials for accessibility in the spirit of disability justice! The importance of ensuring that your materials can be accessed by all can’t be overstated. Please also check out DAP’s quick reference guide for common accessibility checks and take a deeper look at any of these accessibility concepts

GA Accessibility Advisor

The Graduate Assembly Accessibility Advisor was a position established in 2023 to support digital accessibility within the graduate student community. In collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Digital Accessibility Program (DAP), the GA Accessibility Advisor was designed to support graduate students through two main tasks in AY 2023-2024: 

  • Updating your online materials (websites, podcasts, video recordings related to your personal research or your graduate student group) to be accessible for all.
  • Helping UCB to comply with a consent decree with the US Department of Justice regarding the accessibility of their public-facing online content (websites, videos, podcasts, and documents). 

One main outcome of this work was the creation of the Graduate Assembly Website Accessibility Guide (visible to UC Berkeley users), which describes four simple tasks you can complete to make your website more accessible, and links you to how-to guides for each of these steps on three common web development platforms: WordPress, Squarespace, and Google Sites. We hope you take advantage of this resource!

Questions or comments?

Because the Graduate Assembly Website Manager and Accessibility Advisor (AY 2023-2024) is no longer an active position, please reach out to with inquiries.