The GA Operating budget is used to fund the Graduate Assembly Executive Board and Delegate Assembly, the nine GA Outreach Projects, the GA Business Office, and Graduate Student Groups.  Each year, the budget is developed and monitored by the Budget Committee.

For any questions or comments, please contact the VP of Finance at

2021-2022 Budget:

The Approved 2021-2022 GA Budget can be found here: 2021-22 GA Budget.

2020-2021 Budget:

The Approved 2020-2021 GA Budget can be found here: 2020-21 GA Budget.

2019-2020 Budget:

The Approved 2019-2020 GA Budget can be found here: 2019-20 GA Budget.

2018-2019 Budget:

The Approved 2018-2019 GA Budget can be found here: 2018-19 GA Budget.

2017-2018 Budget:

The Approved 2017-2018 GA Budget can be found here: 2017-18 GA Budget.

2016-2017 Budget Process:

The Budget Process moves along in two major steps:

  1. During The First Read in the March Meeting, the budget is introduced to the Graduate Assembly. Any member of the UC Berkeley graduate student community is welcome to propose feedback by contacting the VP of Finance.
  2. The Final Proposal is presented in the April Meeting.

2016-2017 Budget:

The Approved 2016-2017 GA Budget can be found here: 2016-17 GA Budget (in xlsx).