Executive Board

Chaired by: President

The Executive Board is a coordinating body that ensures that all aspects of the Graduate Assembly are informed of ongoing matters and that the members of the Graduate Assembly support one another in their individual or joint efforts.

The Executive Board may act on behalf of and not as the Delegate Assembly on matters of immediate concern when the Delegate Assembly is not in session. Matters of immediate concern are those matters on which the Delegate Assembly would normally take action but which require urgent attention, and those matters for which the financial or legal circumstances have changed significantly since the last Delegate Assembly session. Urgent is defined as requiring action to prevent or respond to legal or physical harm to the Graduate Assembly or its assets. Minutes of the meeting in which the decision to act is made must be recorded and include a roll call of the vote.

All actions of the Executive Board, including Executive Board actions on behalf of the Delegate Assembly when the Assembly is not in session, are subject to approval, reversal, or modification by a majority vote of the Delegate Assembly, except contractual obligations agreed to by the Executive Board.

The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Internal Vice President, Campus Affairs Vice President, Vice President of Equity and Inclusion, External Affairs Vice President, and Vice President of Finance. To learn more or contact us, here is a list of current Exec Board members with contact information.

Meeting minutes for the 2023-2024 Executive Board meetings