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Links to important resources on campus:

Disabeled Student Program

Gender Equity Resource Center

Campus Climate and Compliance

University Health Services

Graduate Division


Grade Appeal
(See Regulation A207)


Grievance Procedure

Graduate Appeal Procedure

Graduate Appeal Procedure Form

UCPD Forms

Alcohol Permit Request
UCPD Alcohol Permit Request

UCPD Complaint Process

UCPD Complaint Form

Sexual Harassment  – Title IX

Graduate Division / Policies and Procedures

Financial Aid / Budget Appeal

Budget Appeal Contact

Residency Information

Student Records

Disclosure of Student Records

Student Conduct

Code of Student Conduct (implemented on 2.1.2012)


Graduate Student Instructors Employment Agreement


Faculty Code of Conduct

UC Berkeley Honor Code

ASUC Student Legal Clinic

Robert Rules Cheat Sheet
Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet – GA Sheet

GA Resolution Template
GA Resolution Template