Graduate Assembly Room Reservation

Changes to Resource Requests: Due to cuts to the GA allocations and staffing, the GA can no longer offer free sodas and printing services for Graduate RSOs. Instead, the Funding Guide has been amended to allow student groups to use their GA funding toward paying for beverages and printing. In addition, Anthony Hall will be reservable through ASUC Event Services starting in the Fall Semester.

Email questions to or

Click here to reserve the main conference room in 444 Eshleman Hall.

Graduate Assembly Conference Room – The GA Conference Room is located in our new office in 444 Eshleman Hall. A/V hookups available. Maximum capacity is 25.

See calendar to find availability of reservations in 444 Eshleman Hall.

444 Eshleman Hall

NOTE: Please be advised that all event information is posted online, available to the public, and accessible to all people and programs.