Graduate Assembly Resource Requests

We are currently running low on Pepsi products. As of 2/10/17, only Project Directors will be able to order drinks until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience! We will try to resolve this as soon as possible.

Please use the GA Resource Request Form to request event services provided by the Graduate Assembly, including PepsiCo beverage products, space reservations in either our Eshleman Hall conference room or Anthony Hall lounge, and printing requests.

Email questions to or

See below for calendars specifying availability, as well as descriptions, of the spaces we reserve in both 444 Eshleman Hall and Anthony Hall.

444 Eshleman Hall

Graduate Assembly Conference Room – The GA Conference Room is located in our new office in 444 Eshleman Hall. A/V hookups available. Maximum capacity is 25.

Anthony Hall

NOTE: As of Friday, October 16th, 2015, Anthony Hall is closed to non-GA-sponsored events. If you need to request space in Anthony Hall, please coordinate with a Project Director or Executive Officer for event sponsorship.

Anthony Hall Upper Lounge – Offers a work table with seating, two lounge chairs, and a sofa. Maximum capacity is 25. This space is NOT ADA accessible at this time.

Anthony Hall Main Lounge – Offers five work tables with seating, and two lounge chairs. Can be converted into a lecture space with drop-down projection screen and A/V hookups. Maximum capacity is 60.

Anthony Hall Kitchen – Offers two small work tables with seating, and two lounge chairs. Maximum capacity is 25.

Anthony Hall Patio – Offers two large and four small tables with seating. Maximum capacity is 60.

NOTE: Please be advised that all event information is posted online, available to the public, and accessible to all people and programs.