Big Give 2020

Donate to the Graduate Student Opportunity and Success Fund!

This year, the Graduate Assembly (GA) is raising money for graduate and professional students during Big Give through the Student Opportunity and Success (S.O.S.) Fund – an amazing fund which supports grad and professional students experiencing a crisis or a financial barrier to success. Can’t donate right now? Not a problem! We totally get it – read on to learn about ways you can win money for free!

What is the S.O.S. Fund?

The S.O.S. Fund was created by the GA to support graduate and professional students at Berkeley experiencing an emergency or a financial barrier to an educational or professional opportunity. Some examples of circumstances supported by the S.O.S. fund include:

  1. Students experiencing housing or food insecurity
  2. Outstanding medical expenses which hinder the ability of an individual to be a student
  3. Costs associated with a student needing to relocate themselves while conducting fieldwork or at a conference due to an instance of sexual violence or sexual harassment
  4. Students in financial need who require course materials, research materials, or research related travel funds beyond those provided by UCB, the department, or a PI.

Ways you can support this cause:

  1. Donate to the S.O.S. Fund during Big Give held on March 12th. Here’s a helpful calendar reminder!
  2. Encourage faculty, parents, friends or alumni you know to donate to the S.O.S. Fund!
  3. Participate in a social media competition for free to win thousands of dollars for graduate students! Make sure to include the hashtag #SupportGrads! Some examples include:
    • $2000 awarded to a random original Tweet or Instagram post that fills in the blank: “I support #SupportGrads for #CalBigGive bc_________”
    • $1000 for most creative post of a pet promoting Cal on Twitter or Instagram wins (must include #CalBigGive and #SupportGrads).
    • For a full list of competitions and what times to post, visit the Big Give website!
  4. Want to support graduate students through other funds? The Graduate Division is also raising money for graduate students through the Graduate Student Experience Fund!

Thank you so much for supporting this cause and helping us to ensure that all graduate and professional students at Berkeley have pathways to success. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions!