The GA advocates for grad student representation on faculty hiring committees

At our April meeting, the GA Delegates passed a resolution urging the university to include graduate student representatives on all faculty hiring committees.

Specifically, the resolution calls for:

  • Full and permanent participation of graduate students in faculty hiring processes in all aspects involved in this process and with the equal rights to interview and provide input as faculty
  • The restructuring of ad-hoc faculty search committees to include at least one graduate student in every new faculty hire with the ultimate goal of 20% graduate student representation
  • Graduate student representatives on faculty search committees democratically elected by the graduate students of the department, not appointed by the department faculty or chair
  • Graduate student representatives on faculty search committees be granted access to all necessary materials to make informed decisions, including confidential letters of recommendation, letters of intent, research statements, and curriculum vitae for each candidate
  • The vote of each graduate student representative on faculty search committees be weighted equally to that of all other members of the faculty search committee

The full resolution can be viewed here: Resolution 1501A

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