Graduate Assembly Mutual Aid Fund

The Graduate Assembly Mutual Aid Fund (previously called the S.O.S. Fund) was created through GA Resolution 1903A, in recognition of the various circumstances that may come to impact a student’s term as a student on campus and in recognition of how existing forms of campus financial support were: (1) insufficient in capturing need, (2) often restrictive of circumstances that graduate and professional students may face, and (3) had significant institutional and relational barriers to access.

The GA Mutual Aid Fund supports students in two categories:

  1. Students experiencing an emergency such as
    • Incurred costs due to death
    • Outstanding medical expenses that hinder the ability of an individual to be a student
    • In the event of a graduate or professional student needing to relocate themselves (either in securing alternative accommodations or travel returning to the Bay Area) while conducting fieldwork outside the Bay Area or at an academic conference due to an instance of sexual violence or sexual harassment
    • In the event a student is found to be housing insecure
    • In the event a student is found to be food insecure
    • Instances in which a delay or lapse in funding causes financial stress to a professional or graduate student
    • Dependent care
  2. Students experiencing a financial barrier to an educational or professional development opportunity such as
    • Research materials e.g. software not available on <>, books, or manuscripts unavailable from the UC library system
    • Research related travel when departmental/ PI support is insufficient
    • Courses/Bootcamps
    • Professional or laboratory safety attire (when not already provided)
    • Course materials

Details on the GA Mutual Aid Fund:

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis during the application window – check out the Mutual Aid Funding Guide for the latest information on deadlines. Please keep in mind that applying to this fund does not guarantee funding. Further, having been previously awarded funding–in any way–from the GA, the Student Advocate’s Office (SAO), or other campus entity does not guarantee GA Mutual Aid funding. Students can apply to the GA Mutual Aid Fund once per semester, and are capped at receiving GA Mutual Aid grants to once per academic year. Applicants can find detailed information regarding the Mutual Aid Fund in the 2022-2023 Mutual Aid Funding Guide.

How to apply to the GA Mutual Aid Fund: