Diversity Workgroup

In 2016, the Graduate Assembly passed resolution 1611F, establishing the Diversity Workgroup.

The Diversity Advocacy Workgroup seeks to increase the diversity of the UC Berkeley undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and staff populations, and improve the overall climate and community to better support this diverse population of individuals. Diversity, in the context used, is inclusive of all peoples, and is intersectional across race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, socioeconomic status, and ableness. The group works toward these goals by identifying opportunities for improvements to the current systems (admissions, hiring, training, etc.) through surveying and study of the current policies. This information is then used to produce best practices, which are shared with stakeholders.

We also collaborate with many of the campus resources that have similar objectives. We believe that a more diverse population affords a wider set of experiences and expertise that can improve the overall quality of education and work of the community as a whole. Furthermore, this diversity, in a welcoming and supportive environment, can help breakdown prejudice and foster a more inclusive perspective that is more in-touch with the globally connected modern world.

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