Apply to be a Student Advocate to the Regents (StAR)

Applications to be a StAR for the March Regents Meeting 18-19, 2015  will close next Thursday!  Please help us spread the word.

Student Advocates to the Regents (StARs) are students chosen by UCSA to attend Board of Regents meetings and speak on behalf of student priorities. They are provided direct access to the Regents without the constraints of the line separating approved guests from the public audience.

In addition to giving public comment during Regents meeting open sessions, StARs meet Regents and UCOP staff during informal parts of the agenda such as breaks and meals. Being a StAR provides a unique opportunity to advocate for the issues you most care about.

Download the March StARs Application from this page:

For additional information on the UC Regents, including scheduled meetings, minutes, and Regents profiles, please visit:

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